WanderLust v.1.1

WanderLust v.1.1

Join Princess Elise and her friends as they explore their enchanted world in search of Magical SEXUAL Adventure. Encounter Fairies, Wizards, Giants and much more as you make your way from one Amazing Sexual Experience to another.
In WanderLust you play through the Erotic Adventures of Princess Elise, a beautiful princess with an Insatiable Sexual Appetite. When her wicked stepmother, the Queen creates a cruel law against Sex, the fair princess sets out to violate the Queen’s law (over and over and over again), and have the Greatest Sexual Adventure her world has ever known.
Using simple Turn-Based RPG elements, you control Elise as she explores her kingdom, fights off dangerous creatures, learns magical abilities, and seeks out fantastic sexual experiences wherever they are to be found.
On her adventure, the lusty princess teams up with a wise Forest Nymph and a Perky Mermaid, who join her on her quest for sexual pleasure and excitement. Together, the three fight their way to the farthest reaches of the kingdom, enjoying numerous sexual encounters along the way, with the magical inhabitants of the land, and with each other.
This Amazing Erotic Adventure game features:
Numerous stimulating erotic encounters where you control the view and the action
Simple turn-based RPG action between the princess and her friends, and the various creatures that have overrun their land
Full English voice-over by a number of talented professional Erotic Voice Actresses and Actors, including hours of voice content by the amazingly talented and insanely-Sexy Mia Sloane as Princess Elise.
Hours of gameplay that is guaranteed to be sexy, funny and fun from start to finish.

Dungeon Town

Dungeon Town

Famos Village was a peaceful, growing trading hub until the cave to the demon world opened. Now the village is menaced by a succubus, a lustful dream demon who preys on the town’s men each night. The protagonist, an experienced adventurer, sets out to smite the evildoer, but is defeated and loses all his levels and memories. Level 1 and with only a vague idea of who he is, he must now challenge the deadly Ruins Forest to regain his strength and, once again, do battle with the Succubus.

Futanari Remedies – “I can’t stop cumming after drinking this medicine” v.1.03

Futanari Remedies - "I can't stop cumming after drinking this medicine" v.1.03

Sasha, a female adventurer who has become a futanari because of something, she consults with her friend Siena, an alchemist. Siena took care of Sasha, but Sasha himself decided to collect the missing materials and experiment with the medicine she created. Let’s go around each place, collect ingredients for medicine, and complete the medicine for futanari treatment! Take the test drug made by Siena and get closer to completion! However, the medicine has unexpected effects. In the meantime, Sasha addicted to the charm of the penis …

Succubus Game ~Unbeknownst to my Girlfriend, I’m Pleasure Corrupted in My Dreams~/ サキュバスゲーム~カノジョの知らぬ夢の中で、ボクは快楽に堕ちていく~

Succubus Game ~Unbeknownst to my Girlfriend, I'm Pleasure Corrupted in My Dreams~/ サキュバスゲーム~カノジョの知らぬ夢の中で、ボクは快楽に堕ちていく~

I have a cute and pure girlfriend.
You could say she’s even out of my league.
However, since we started dating, we haven’t advanced past the hand-holding stage,
and I’m at that age where I want to kiss and have lots of sex.

While I’m considering all this, suddenly SHE appeared…
In my dream, a woman calling herself a succubus.

This large-chested woman in revealing clothes makes me play a game.
“If you clear the game, you will awaken as usual. If you lose, you will be punished.
If you refuse, you will never awaken again.”
Faced with this, I can only accept the conditions of the game…